Logo & Corporate Identity

We guide you in your process of creating your corporate identity, by provide solutions for your logo, corporate identity, catalog, web design, mobile design and other needs.

Corporate Identity is the whole of visual elements that reflect the spirit and identity of an institution. The corporate identity guiding, which is one of the essentials for the brand to create a perception of trust; It includes all the visual elements of the institution, from logo design to business card design, from letterhead design to pocket file design, from diplomat envelope design to packaging design, from personnel’s clothing to vehicle dressing.

For a successful corporate identity design, all visual elements used must create a sense of integrity and reflect the brand in the most accurate way. One of the most important things for a brand to enter the competitive market or strengthen its position is how it creates a visual perception. The most effective way to strengthen this perception is a successful corporate identity design. An effective corporate identity guide adds value to the brand’s image, increasing credibility and memorability. Therefore, the corporate identity guide must be included in the advertising-communication strategies of the companies.

Mice Unique enables brands to create a stronger and more reliable perception with corporate identity designs that reflect the vision of the brand in the most accurate way and ensure corporate integrity in the most effective way.

Mice Unique 3D Working Discipline is reflected in the Corporate Identity service as “Communication, Behavior and Design”. Mice Unique advertising agency, corporate Communication phase; traditional advertising tools and channels, social media, press releases, PR, consulting, customer service. Mice Unique, Corporate Behavior content; habits, trading procedures, social responsibility and sensitivity activities, and it keeps them all running like a machine. Mice Unique, corporate design process; manages from the brand logo to all the materials belonging to the brand. As a result of these studies, the visual perception of the brand on the target audience is created in the desired standards.