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What is 360 Degree Marketing?

360 degree marketing or 360 degree advertising is an integrated, versatile and omnichannel type of marketing. In this type of marketing, many different departments, especially advertising agencies, take part. 360 degree marketing, a new generation marketing strategy, uses all kinds of advertising instruments. It brings together all departments dealing with customers with a sales-oriented model.

What is 360 Degree Digital Marketing?

360 degree marketing or 360 degree digital marketing is inspired by integrated marketing communication. It focuses on the elements used as communication materials in marketing to serve the brand in harmony. Many elements from advertisements to promotions, from events to marketing are handled as a whole. 360 degree marketing tries to communicate with the consumer through all channels. Develops strategies that focus on consumer buying behavior to sell a product or service. In these strategies, online or digital and offline channels are used together.

This new generation marketing strategy, shaped by versatile communication techniques, ensures the continuity of advertising campaigns in digital channels. Factors such as online or offline channels, those who work in these channels, goods or services, product and service distribution channels, product and price pricing, sales performance of the business, pre-sales and after-sales support and customer satisfaction play a role in 360-degree marketing strategies.







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